Friday, July 4, 2008

Soulmate: That Ugly NewAge Code Word

"Pop icon Madonna is using kabbalah to brainwash Yankee star Alex Rodriguez into believing they are 'soulmates,' the ballplayer's estranged wife is telling friends.

Cynthia Rodriguez, who has bolted to rocker Lenny Kravitz's Paris pad to avoid the limelight, is blaming the Material Girl for breaking up her five-year marriage, a close friend told the Daily News. The 34-year-old stunner has revealed to close confidants that she discovered a note her husband wrote professing his true feelings to Madonna.

'I believe he was having an affair with Madonna,' she told a friend, who spoke anonymously for fear of angering A-Rod. 'She said she found a letter where Alex told Madonna: 'You are my true soulmate.'

The friend said Cynthia Rodriguez, who gave birth to the couple's second daughter about 10 weeks ago, is teary and heartbroken over the split. Despite the sleepless nights and jags of tears, Cynthia Rodriguez is telling friends, 'I still love my husband.'"

-- Geoge Rush and Bill Hutchinson, exposing one of the most popular NewAge code words and phrases (which I mentioned before here) for the Daily News

As this story unfolds, there are several things one can, immediately, take notice of: the use of code words to re-align, and limit, someone's thinking - as expressed by this linguistically unimaginative terminology that's been picked up by NewAge cultists world-wide. Madonna (and Alex's) total lack of respect for marital (and other social) boundaries - despite being involved in what Madonna, and other cultists, claim is a spiritual and/or religious practice. Or even respect for the idea of feminism (Madonna is being accused of betraying her "sister" here.)

Cynthia Rodriguez says exposure to Madonna's NewAge influence - which spiritual adherents are always claiming is supposed to infuse the world with love while creating someone "good" out of the believer - has turned A-Rod from "a sweet, beautiful, loving husband and father" to someone who's "very cold and calculating." (Certainly, Madonna has never been known to be good: she's universally known as a bitch.) Also, all of the accompanying social destruction is exactly what the Law of Quantum Failure predicts.

Read the story. It's all there - and it's playing out, in exactly this same way, anywhere NewAge rears it's ugly head. It's not a "spiritual awakening," but a gross denial - that anyone else matters, that any social boundary is worth respecting, and that (in an era when people still haven't fully awakened to the evil of relativism) no one will stand in their way.

This shit is all-too-familiar to those who have had to encounter it:

"Cynthia was so innocent," said the friend, adding that the scorned wife believed A-Rod and Madonna were hanging out simply because they share the same manager, Guy Oseary. "Cynthia thought he just respected the woman," the friend said. "Cynthia told me, 'I respected her, too - her creativity and ability to reinvent herself. I grew up listening to Madonna songs. I never dreamed this 49-year-old woman was anything more than a friend.'"

Three weeks after the birth of their daughter Ella, A-Rod dropped a knee-wobbling bomb on his wife, the friend said. Alex "came to Cynthia and claimed their marriage was over," the friend said. "That was news to her. She'd had no clue. She said, 'I was devastated,'" the friend said. "I've been with him for 13 years," she told her friend. "I stood beside him through all his struggles."

Since they have no sense of right and wrong, an ugly story is being spread by the NewAgers that Cynthia Rodriguez is having an affair with the rocker, Lenny Kravitz (above) but this quote sums up the difference between non-believers and people like Gavin Newsom (who openly supports cultism and slept with his best friend's wife) and Madonna:

"Lenny Kravitz is a gentleman who opened his home to [Cynthia] in a time of crisis. For people to portray him as an adulterer is sick."

Indeed. What's even sicker is how many cowards, who Cynthia thought were her friends, are going to keep quiet about so many decent lives (A-Rod, Cynthia, Guy, the kids) being turned inside-out, all because some selfish bitch has given herself over to a bunch of silly, malicious, beliefs.

"This all started with kabbalah."

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