Sunday, December 28, 2008

This Could Have All Been Predicted (TMR Did)

"A San Mateo woman who allegedly swindled a senior citizen out of more than $80,000 during psychic and Tarot readings could lose her business as soon today.

Carstens Realty, which manages retail units at the Laurelwood Shopping Center, has taped a notice to pay rent or quit to the door of 46-year-old Janet Adam's psychic and crystal vision shop.

The Dec. 24 document states that Adams and Lorraine Lewis, apparently a co-tenant, must vacate the tiny house-like structure in the shopping center's parking lot in three days if they don't pay $400 for December rent and $27 in common area expenses. Adams' rental agreement dates back to December 2006, according to the document.

...San Mateo police also had taped a search warrant to another window, and the previously tidy shop appeared to have been ransacked Friday morning. A pile of papers and objects littered the floor, and a holiday elf clad in red and green lay face down in front of the entrance."

-- Jessica Bernstein-Wax, on the further adventures of a "psychic" in touch with everyone's future but her own, for The San Jose mercury News.