Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh: It's Not Wrong If A Woman Does It

"I'm so sorry, 'statutory rape'? I've got to tell you, I'm so offended by that. No, I really am. I genuinely am. To me, that is absolutely not this story at all. That boy knows exactly what he's doing. For a start, Hanna Schmitz thinks that he's seventeen, not fifteen, you know? She's not doing anything wrong.

They enter that relationship on absolutely equal footing. Statutory rape – really please, don't use that phrase. I do genuinely find it offensive actually. This is a beautiful and very genuine love story and that is always how I saw it.... She wasn't cruel to him. She didn't force him into anything at all.

There's nothing I believe to be remotely inappropriate or salacious about that relationship."

-- Kate Winslet, saying all the things statutory rapists say (while commenting on the Nazi character in her new movie, The Reader) and, also, helping to invent a new phrase - "Nixonian Feminism" - along the way (Hooray!) in the Althouse.

Hat Tip: Instapundit