Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scientology Is "Based On Science" To About The Same Degree As Baby Lotion Is Made From Babies

"Although, by definition, we are anti-religion, Scientology is not so much a belief system as an integrated method of knowing. Their beliefs and practices are based on science – hence the name.

More importantly, their structures and disciplined approach is exactly what a wide-ranging movement like ours requires.

I would be surprised if any of the world’s major religions – Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism – will be able to hold a candle to us by 2020."

-- Bryan McGee, the Global Atheist Movement (GAM) Australia CEO (who is, clearly, a NewAger posing as an atheist) speaking about the latest naked NewAge silliness they're planning - this time with Scientology - for LiveNews.

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