Sunday, May 3, 2009

You'd Better Recognize

O.K., Pajamas Media, the whole Macho Sauce/Zo thing is already getting old and tired (No, really: Under My Bus was pushing things waaay too far) and if there's another thing that shouldn't be on television, it's Roger L. Simon's hat (What is this guy? Stupid?) but we told you Andrew Klavan's got "it" and, now, it's apparently Bill Whittle's turn with "Afterburner".

TMR readers can check the man out here, and here, as he beats liberals about their "whittle" heads for daring to lie to us, and see if you, too, don't recognize a budding "60 Minutes" type star when you see one:

It's really a wonderful thing.

Better than Roger L. Simon's fucking hat anyway,...sheesh.

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