Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TMR's Message To Millennials (Generation Y)

Over at Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds posted a moving e-mail by someone named Mckean Evans about the lousy image Millennials have garnered, and the equally-lousy situation the workforce's newest entrants find themselves in.

What was the result?

A bunch of Boomers writing more lousy shit about Millennials.

Not very helpful.

TMR, on the other hand, likes young folks - this blog was almost made to alert them to the worthlessness of the world view the last couple of generations have raised them in - so I'm going to do the right thing and, instead of dissing them further, give Millennials the kind of real world advice Instapundit's so-called smart set is too stuck-up to hand over.

Think about it: they have money.

They're not going to help you, and ain't getting out of the way.

Now, you may think, after a few paragraphs, that most of the stuff I'm saying has nothing to do with immediate employment, either - and you'd be right - but what it does have to do with is our country's major shift in time and resources - from frivolous wasteful bullshit back to a mentality, and an economy, that functions the way it's supposed to - basically, the idea is if you're not doing what you've been doing, you'll find other things to do, and other people to do it with.

We're out here, we're just waiting for you to join us.

O.K. - here goes - in no particular order, just a bunch of stuff that comes to me:

Kids, you've got an education. You didn't get it for nothing. Now is the time to use it.

But be practical.

Become critical thinkers.

And don't let anyone tell you different.

Band together and ask yourselves:

How much money do we collectively have, and what can we do, what can we create, what do we already have to use, to make more? Take jobs from your parents or your parent's friends. Do manual labor. Mow lawns. Offer to paint houses cheap. Spruce up people's surroundings. Take jobs away from the illegals.

As a matter of fact, make it impossible for them to find work.

When I say "band together", I don't mean starting another fucking cult. (As a matter of fact, turn on cults and cultists wherever you find them - they're con artists.) What I mean is, get away from thinking of yourselves as rebels, or held-down minorities, or whatever, and start thinking of yourselves as Americans - the biggest, proudest, and most productive group this country possesses.

You'd be surprised how many doors that simple trick of the mind can open.

Yes, fuck Burning Man and every message it's ever delivered. Fuck Oprah. Fuck motivational speakers. Fuck gurus. Fuck Raves. Fuck 'em all.

Fuck Obama & Co..

As a matter of fact, resist Obama & Co.'s every move.

Stop thinking about the previous generation's stupid cult shit:

Forget about yoga, forget about recycling. Forget about "saving the planet".

Forget about fighting racism, forget about being "progressive", forget about the opposite sex, forget about your health - forget about all that shit - focus instead on one fucking thing:

Being productive.

Haven't you noticed all of the hard-working folks out there who are "rocking a gut"? Do you know why?

Because they don't care how they look, and hard work takes energy - all kinds of energy. The computer industry was built on ideas - but also by burning the lights all night (not very "green" or energy efficient) subsisting on pizza and coke (definitely not health-conscience) and not giving a damn if you worked so long you fell asleep in front of your keyboard, or your face broke out, or your skin got pale.

You feel me?

You're young - you can be healthy later.

And whatever big time liberal celebrities tell you to do - do the opposite. Cover up your tatoos. Vote Republican, because they want to put you back to work. Listen to Rush Limbaugh, because he believes in you and this country more than almost anyone that's easily accessible today.

Don't go to the movies - because that's money and time you can use elsewhere - and they're indoctrinating you with self-defeating nonsense anyway. Listen to a better class of music. Buy cheap used cars. Stop shopping for over-priced organic garbage and pissing away your money at Whole Foods. As a matter of fact, if you're going to protest anything, protest them wasting your time and money.

Focus your mind on being innovative and looking for real opportunities. What does that mean? Let me tell you a story:

Early one morning, as I was eating breakfast, the power went out in San Francisco and I watched lines forming at the bus stop across the street from my apartment in the Haight, filled with people who needed to get to work. (The buses run on electricity.) Did I just sit and watch them suffer? Hell no! I got up, got dressed, and instantly turned my beat up car into a taxi service, squeezing as many people in as I could - for $10.00 a pop. I dropped them all off at a central location downtown and kept returning for more even after the power came back on - shit, I was faster than the Muni system!

By the time I had finished, I had about $300.00 in my pocket before I had to get to work myself.

And do you know why? Because I wasn't stuck-up (I was quite famous by then) there was no work that was below me, and I was more-than-willing to go all out.

You must be, too.

Remember what Martin Luther King said:

"All work has dignity."

And now it's your time - and your turn - to rebuild this country right. Rebuilding it for yourselves

I'm hoping, at least a little bit, telling you this might be the beginning of the young of this nation getting their heads on straight. Let me know if it does. I can speak more on it. If you want.

One way to let me know is, of course, you might consider making a (small) donation. That's how capitalism works.

In the world of blogging, anyway.

Get the picture?

UPDATE: TMR's Message To Millennials (Part II) can be found here.