Sunday, September 2, 2012

Moonies! Mormons! Morons! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Good ol' Orrin Hatch. Mormon extraordinaire, and Mitt's fixer in Utah and Washington. Moon's death and the subsequent reminder of my having read Nansook Hong's book, In The Shadow Of The Moons, also reminded me Hatch helped out the late messiah who wanted to "conquer and subjugate the world.” And why wouldn't he? Hatch is a respected Mormon and they're so niiiiice - always trying to "help" those openly attempting to "conquer and subjugate the world” (what if Moon had succeeded, and not just in individual lives?) or just take their money (Hatch was definitely "successful" at that, the scum sucker) or some such:

Moon got ahold of Nansook Hong when she was all of fifteen. She was an illegal child bride for Moon's grown and drug addicted son, Hyo Jin Moon. Hyo Jin became a notorious wife-beater who even cracked on Hong when she was pregnant.

Hyo Jin Moon gave Nansook Hong herpes. 

They were "married" for fifteen years. I put "married" in quotes because, of course, Hyo Jin's father officiated and the pairing involved immigration fraud, because Moon had Hong brought to the United States under false pretenses - which eventually included statutory rape.

Later, Hong fled with her children, and because the billionaire cult leader's son claimed poverty, child support wasn't provided until compelled by the courts.


So what does any of this have to do with that good ol' upstanding, upright, "wholesome" Mormon, Senator Orrin? Oh, nothing much. Along with helping Mitt with his deceptions, Hatch just: 

Attempted to whitewash Moon's tax evasion and pushed for clemency. 

Paid homage to Moon's wife, the woman who stood by while her fifteen year-old "daughter-in-law" was being raped and regularly beaten by her drug addicted son in a fake marriage. 

Wrote a song for one of Moon's front groups. 

Honored Moon in a gala Washington reception. 

And co-sponsored an honor to Moon and his wife - Parent's Day. 

"Parent's Day." Get it? You're a cult leader who gets a child for your son to rape and beat up and it's honored by a powerful member of ANOTHER cult with MAJOR child abuse issues of it's own! It's a joke! A marvelous joke! "All In The Family"! Whoo-hoo! 

These cultists, they can do whatever they want, and then laugh at everyone else because - seriously - who gets these punchlines? Child abuse! Wife beating! Punch-lines! Oh man, I'll be here all week! Bwaaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha! 

 I tell you - when it comes to choosing the ideas and people to rule this country - nobody needs to listen to a cranky ol' patriotic and idiocentric black guy like me: 

 It's pretty clear you folks certainly know how to pick 'em,...

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