Sunday, September 29, 2013

Buck Shot / Buck Wheat: Only One Is Good & Nutritious

It takes years for these people to catch up with me. In 2008 (and calling him "an angry Buddhist") I wrote Sam Harris Doesn't Speak For Me, but here's an article just released today:
Sam Harris's books "The End Of Faith" and "Letter To A Christian Nation" have established him as second only to the British biologist and author Richard Dawkins in the ranks of famous 21st century atheists. The thrust of Harris's best-sellers is that with the world so crazed by religion, it's high time Americans stopped tolerating faith in the Rapture, the Resurrection and anything else not grounded in evidence. Only trouble is, our country's foremost promoter of "reason" is also supportive of ESP, reincarnation and other unscientific concepts.

That's 5 years, which means - atheists or no atheists - "late" doesn't even begin to describe these people,...

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