Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Thought The Right Was Into Being Right (I Was Wrong)

So I found out yesterday another online friend is injured. Everyone's over there, offering to do what they can, even though he owns a business and is probably covered in every way. They paid for Ann Althouse's floor. And I saw this same crew save a guy's life not too long ago - not like the guy who got $92,000 anonymously for not stealing - but he's not at risk of being homeless no more. He's a gay artist who was accused of stealing.

And then there's me. Few visitors, little help, but buckets of harassment.

I'll get out of this myself.

Disagreeing with people - even when you're repeatedly proven right - can really turn them heartless. Oh sure, I can stop being "black" (How long was how I talk an issue?) I can claim Mitt Romney could've won the election in a land slide, and Ted Cruz's lackluster performance the other night inspired me to his side - but no. That would be (in order of appearance) impossible, delusional, and a lie, which - despite their popularity elsewhere - aren't the fields I play in. So - after 11 weeks - it's clear I'm obviously being made to pay for Trayvon. They'll let me be homeless. My friends, my party, The Republicans. 

Because I say their politics are fucked up.


Well, I still say their politics are fucked up,...

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