Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stop Your Bullshitting: Even The Blind Ain't Color Blind

"A lot of my black blind friends have sort of a joke because when someone doesn't know our race — especially the males — they'll find some way to reach out and touch our hair. ... People always come up with some kind of way to [touch our heads]. They'll massage you or do something ... I think [this happens] mostly in dating. You know, if they're going to make some decisions. I've seen people that seem sort of interested in someone and then discover that they're black and change their intentions. I go to a lot of the conventions now, the national conventions [for the blind]. And there are people trying to meet somebody [to date]. You can see that they're kind of pursuing somebody [that they find attractive]. And they'll go for the hair and then they'll change their mind. They're always still friendly ... but you're black."

There seems to be a lot of that going on. Everybody's "friendly" and freedom of speech and lets fix America's problems and all that. Fuck it:

I'll let you touch my hair before you change your minds,...

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