Sunday, September 29, 2013

Handling Liberated Ladies In The NewAge's 21st Century


There are a lot of men/women to avoid deals online, especially in worry wart "women's magazines" and such. They have titles like The 10 Crazy Women Men Avoid - but not one of the women's rags ever mentions the worst of the worst - Crazy NewAge Feminists. TMR's advice:

Don't ever listen to any of them.

See, the women's outlets are really indoctrination materials, that aren't informed by guys other than gays, so they're beyond worthless. You'll notice, contrary to what the women say, the #1 woman to avoid on the Ask Men site is "Miss Feminist". To men, there's no need for a #2 (except in the toilet) because - feminism being part of NewAge - that term tells you how to handle the situation right from the start.

Buy her a salad (cheap) or a cup of tea (brown water) make with the blah, blah, blah - give her the "liberated" sex she's been trained to desire above all else - and, then, toss her away with the condom as a keepsake.

Now, if you're the type who wants to keep her - and get total obedience - you can then "move on" to TMR's 2nd option, as popular with Mormons and evangelicals as "smart and independent" modern feminists:

The can't-miss "love of my life" and "soul mate" routine,....

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