Monday, December 16, 2013

NewAge Is A "Spiritual Practice" (And They Do Practice)

She said:

As though atheists can ignore the religious' evangelical tendencies.

And, since we know this, who is actually deigning to "bother" whom?

And who - as usual - is "blaming the victim" here?

("Blaming the victim" - I am enjoying these Flaws In A Perfect System - our popular catchphrases for the casual cruelties Americans needlessly inflict.)

She said:

Oh my dear, you are aware the divorced are listening, aren't you?

Why aren't they - or, even better, their religious spouses - more emphatic?

Do you seriously think a fanatic is being rational, or even helping, when they're all "you think you're so rational" towards the subject?

Mocking the very endeavor society builds on - while insisting we must be empathetic towards the irrational - what does that reveal?

Didn't I just mention evangelism?

She said:

"Seekers of knowledge and truth" - yeah, sure.

Having been there before, we know there is no "possibility that religious people are seekers of knowledge and truth" when they've always insisted - as you are right here - that batting away knowledge is the way to truth.

You are, once again, arguing for insanity and nothing more.

And doing so insanely.

And I even understand why - which is why it's my job to tell you:

Avoiding "being a jerk" is NOT what this is all about,...

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