Friday, March 27, 2015

Did White People "Create A Threatening And Hostile Environment” When Singing Of Hanging A "Nigger"?

While keeping blacks from an education, a good time is always had by all

According to the readers over at Althouse, after 400 years of white-on-black murder, whites should still be able to sing of killing me - without me feeling threatened - because,...there's another political ideology:

It's an up-yours to the leftist agenda. 

"Strange Fruit" are STILL only fruits, am I right?

And because whites right now are confused, to what kind of threat they pose:

The more the merrier!

And because - something these proponents of "colorblindness" have denied until now - they've always been this way:

An early attempt to stop twerking from sweeping the nation

Then there's those who honestly believe lynching me is no big deal:

Althouse's home movies weren't telling the whole story of her childhood

But, if I was white - or even Ann Althouse herself - I simply would've settled for saying sick serenades aren't a problem because, in America, whites killing blacks has always been "fun for the whole family,..."

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