Saturday, March 7, 2015

Race Returns To Walker's Wisconsin As If On Schedule

This is the perfect face,...of a racial problem

Anyone familiar with TMR knows, I've been saying there's trouble brewing in Madison for some time:

Scott Walker, and his racist staff e-mails, were the most obvious evidence. 

Then there's the racially tone-deaf black sheriff - beloved by whites for never saying anything "black" - who's profoundly embarrassing, to everyone else, for the same reason. 

And also, there's been the numerous reports on Wisconsin's black poverty rate and segregation, the same harassment and illegal arrests of blacks we see nationwide, and much, much more. None of it by accident, all of it by default.

Taken together, for the whites of Madison to miss what's been happening there, racially - when it can easily be seen and predicted, even from a mediated distance, by TMR - is to be thoroughly detached from reality.

From what I know of the history, the place, and it's inhabitants, I can hardly be surprised that's been the case exactly,...

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