Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ignoring Everything (But What Makes Whites "Happy")

One cop was racist. The town that cop worked for? Full of Great Americans.

How the white gaze "works" is amazing:
"In the summer of 2012, a 32-year-old African-American man sat in his car cooling off after playing basketball in a Ferguson public park. An officer pulled up behind the man’s car... and demanded the man’s Social Security number and identification. Without any cause, the officer accused the man of being a pedophile, referring to the presence of children in the park, and ordered the man out of his car for a pat-down, although the officer had no reason to believe the man was armed. The officer also asked to search the man’s car.

The man objected, citing his constitutional rights. In response, the officer arrested the man, reportedly at gunpoint, charging him with eight violations of Ferguson’s municipal code. One charge, Making a False Declaration, was for initially providing the short form of his first name (e.g., “Mike” instead of “Michael”), and an address which, although legitimate, was different from the one on his driver’s license. Another charge was for not wearing a seat belt, even though he was seated in a parked car. The officer also charged the man both with having an expired operator’s license, and with having no operator’s license in his possession."

Our entire concept of law enforcement is based on slave catching, but to whites, that's no big deal.

Whites are now desperately focussed like a lazer on Darren Wilson's innocence, ignoring the fact blacks assumed Wilson was guilty because our experience says (as the DOJ found) the entire department's racist - something whites now just as desperately don't want to talk about, because it would have to mean the adjoining towns are racist, too. Which probably means a good portion of America, itself, still is as well. Or does anyone think this professional, city-wide, racist operation existed in a vacuum?

I'm sure, with white kids getting booted off fraternities for not keeping the family secret "secret," the white gaze will reveal just that to the rest of the whites - and no one else - as well,....

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