Monday, March 9, 2015

Don't Stand So Close 2 Me: Wisconsin & It's Racist Past

After all of Wisconsin's open flirtation with it's racism, the strain had to be excrutiating,...

- Clara Meek, at a Bascom Hill memorial service, the day after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

America has a serious racial problem, that it can't bring itself to admit, and watching Madison, Wisconsin try to futilely distance itself from it - with it's own ugly history of racism standing in the way - should prove,...entertaining:

Like King said of Barry Goldwater, Wisconsin's governor makes racists feel comfortable

Considering - with the election of Scott Walker - they've already jumped into bed with racism's worst elements, TMR is betting the residents of Madison can't break it off before everyone discovers what's going on,...


  1. Discovering what's going on isn't nearly as much fun as jumping to conclusions, is it?

  2. I know what's going on - whites are ignoring the context of this incident just like whites did the context of Michael Brown's shooting. They'd prefer to think blacks are crazy and they're sane - which makes them no different than their racist ancestors. Enjoy,...

  3. Okay, good to know. Next time someone attacks me, I'll focus on context

  4. No, after 400 years of unacknowledged/unresolved/ignored/denied bullshit, you'll claim "it was for nothing" and only other whites will believe you,...

  5. Don't do drugs. Drugs are New Age slavery.