Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Omega Men

Fuck! I almost (not almost, did) forget about that promise I made to my man in Berkeley, Lupo Leboucher. What promise was that? To go zombie killing one night, in matching ruffled shirts, with green velvet jackets! (Pickin' 'em off in Back To The Future-type stylee,...) It has to happen!


Funny story for Lupo: My father came up to S.F. (from Compton, Ca.) one day, but couldn't find me, so, after wandering the Haight/Ashbury for an afternoon, he went back home. I called him up not too long afterwards, not knowing he had been there (it was supposed to have been a surprise) and, once I found out what had happened, I asked him what he thought of San Francisco. His reply?

"I never saw so many damn zombies in all my life!"

Man, I laughed my ass off!

Shit, now I miss my old man. Oh well, nobody lives forever,...

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