Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yoga Ain't P.E., Ladies: It's Simply Another Means Of Hindu Mind Control Over Those Stupid, Gullible, Americans Who'll Fall For It

“I don’t see women saying: ‘I’m in good health. Watch me drop down and do some push-ups.’ ”

- R. Scott Kretchmar, a professor of exercise and sports science at Penn State, in The New York Times.

Today's NYT says push-ups are the best exercise you can do - a point I've stressed (in various ways) for some time. TIME magazine has already proclaimed Yoga as useless to fitness.* But women don't listen to me because I'm "mean" when I try to stop them from making fools of themselves. Whatever.

*BTW, all normal** men know this. "Drop down and give me twenty" is a cliche' in male circles.