Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In This Case, Stupid Is Good (Yeah: It's A First)

First, a confession: Some 25 years ago a friend talked me into spending a load of money and considerable time to attend an Erhard Sensitivity Training seminar; est, as it was called — with lower case letters — was like a rip-off of Scientology, Zen Buddhism, and numerous feel-good philosophies, cobbled together into an upwardly mobile way of thinking and talking that was part of the "human potential movement."

You probably don't remember that, either. It went the way of disco and mood rings, but for a few years it was hailed as the breakthrough of the ages, allowing human beings to transcend themselves, attain happiness, fulfillment, prosperity, and peace with all people: est ultimately disappeared in a welter of litigation, acrimony, and IRS claims.

I guess I was too thick or slow or stupid, but I never got on board,...
-- The very-smart Will Mordock, of the Charleston City Paper, on Self-Improvement schemes.