Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Macho Response: Moses (1924-2008)

Charlton Heston was a great man. He was the star of the first film that ever made an impression on me (The Ten Commandments) and he marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. when he didn't have to do it.

Michael Moore should be eternally ashamed, both, for assaulting Charlton Heston in his old age and, especially, for trying to make him out to be a racist. If anyone ever needed proof Michael Moore is a liberal, lying, propagandist of the highest order, look at the photo that leads this post, and then rent Bowling for Columbine. (For the record: I was taken in too.) Bowling for Columbine is a cinematic travesty of justice, if ever there was one; easily the equal to D.W. Griffith's The Birth Of A Nation for twisting the truth.

The death of Charlton Heston is one occasion when I wish I believed in a personal Hell so I could condemn Michael Moore to it.

Is there no justice?


  1. Charles Heston, hey? Impressive.
    Misogny? No.
    Politics? No.
    Religion? No.

    Obviously, it is now:
    CMC: 2
    R: 1

    Damn. CMC has an unfair advantage. R wants a blog.

  2. Come to think of it, CMC would have less of an advantage if he would just post comments. He seems to have opportunistic, intermittent internet problems. Just for calling a spade a spade, it's now:
    CMC: 2
    R: 2

  3. And just because chances are SLIM TO NONE that CMC will EVER post this comment, R says that it's now

    CMC: 2
    R: 5.
    (Did you miss something?)

  4. asshole.

    (Ooops, now its:
    CMC: 2
    R: 4
    due to a penalty for non-creative swearing.)

  5. Come on, post a comment, make my day.

    CMC: 2
    R: 16
    (how did I get 16 you ask? four squared.
    how did I get to square four, you ask? that's for me to know, because I'm making the rules. Here's a hint: I got bonus points for creativity.)

    asshole. Post my comments. oooops, I slipped back to non-creative swearing. penalty for me.

    CMC: 2
    R: 15
    (See the advantage to bonus points? I can call you an asshole 13 more times, and still be winning. Especially since you are likely to make a post about misogyny, politics or religion in the near future. I recommend creativity, if you want to score any points, anyway.)

    Now. Post this comment. Now.

  6. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"
    (1 point to CMC for swearing through real literature; 1 point to R for twisting CMC's quote)

    Keeping this quantitative, considering the 50:50 chance that Richter is female, do you really dare take the risk of not posting comments?

    CMC: 3
    R: 16