Sunday, June 1, 2008

From The Mouths Of Babes

I missed this when it happened, and I know how (why doesn't the national media spread these kinds of stories when they happen?) but we've all got to watch it now, because it's about as accurate a portrayal of what's wrong with adults today as we're ever going to get. This clip perfectly demonstrates the type of sophisticated irrationalism I encounter daily, supporting spiritual beliefs, anti-Americanism, feminism, racism, and almost any other unnecessary behavior I can think of. This, my friends, is "the average adult in America," portrayed in all their ugly glory.

Keep in mind as you watch: this is Monica Conyers - the wife of Democratic Congressman John Conyers - and if there was any justice in the world, this performance alone would be enough for an 8th Grader to take her high-falutin' job, on-the-spot. I betcha, since she displys such a similarity with the defiantly simple-minded "logic" NewAgers use, if we could look in Mrs. Conyers' medicine cabinet, we'd find every alternative medicine ever invented.

This is a truly sad, embarrassing, and frustrating statement on the rampant bull-headedness running through this country in 2008.

And it's so bad even a damn child can see it.

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