Monday, June 2, 2008

Look At Me (I'm Not Thinking)

"Being openly mocked is not something leftists can tolerate for very long because what they want more than anything else is to be admired and esteemed. They are, after all, on a mission to save the world and it is paramount that others acknowledge the sanctity of his goal.

Many acquire the views and affiliations they have for therapeutic reasons, as membership in the Democratic Party makes them feel good about themselves. It announces to society that “they care” while those on the right do not. Such a configuration is discernible in their approach to diverse issues like poverty, the environment, the schools, taxes, social security, and health care. They care; we don’t. They help; we harm. They love; we love our wallets.

Theirs is an emotional truth or, more cogently, emotion posing as truth. Reducing and traducing politics into a Manichean affair — they are light; we are dark — swells their souls and gives them a sense of purpose. Conservatives pointing out that their method of self-affirmation may ruin the country is merely proof of our own divisiveness and pessimism."

-- Bernard Chapin, author, describing those Rush Limbaugh destroys, for Pajamas Media

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