Monday, June 2, 2008

(Still Pondering) Rebirth Control

I'm building up a serious resilience with people.

Having seen the worst, I "get" no one's pure.

These scared little things, proving words aren't really worth much.

And expect mine won't be worth any more.

No surprise they produced Hitler; Stalin, or Pol Pot.

Please. Like Osama, they're par for the course.

And what about you, Oh enlightened lover, of artistry, music, and all that's divine?

Initiated any office intrigue, lately?

Plotted on anyone for not going along?

Cheated with anyone, married, just lately?

Yes, it was their fault, they just should've known.

It's like tending to flowers, each refusing to open.

Except when there's sex and you're talking about legs.

I get a kick how they hope they'll be reincarnated.

To come back as something more beautiful than before.

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