Monday, June 2, 2008

A New Beginning

This is a strange time for TMR. Just as it's getting a lot of readers, people are actually coming out of the woodwork and writing e-mails, when, before, I just did the thing and wondered if it was even being read. (Despite tons of visits, there's never been many comments and, even with a stat counter, it's kind of hard to tell what people do when they get here.)

Anyway, some (older) readers say they like the photo breaks - while some (newer) ones find them juvenile. Some people think TMR's the greatest thing since sliced bread - and some think it's the most offensive, Right-wing, misogynistic, self-pitying wallow, by a black conspiracy theorist, they've ever read. What to do? What to do?

Well, in honor of my two favorite blogs - Panda Bear, M.D. and Steve Salerno's SHAMblog - which, last month, both shut their doors (and were, both, by devout believers in Jesus) I've decided to split the difference:

Like Panda Bear, I'm only going to post when I actually have something to say - and can say it clearly - and, like SHAMblog, I'm going to limit the pictures to only one or two per post.

And, like them both, I'm going to make an effort and try to seriously write from now on.

That'll definitely mean there won't be as many posts (because they'll require more polishing and/or "thought") but, hopefully, what I put up will be more illuminating and - without my artist's attraction to semi-solacious photos - more satisfying for everyone involved.

I'll still be changing the daily subtitles (an apparent favorite by all) and the older posts will stay up (because there's over 900 of them, and I can see, bizarrely, the public has a strange attraction to certain posts, though I can hardly fathom why) but, from here on out, things are going to be different - possibly a bit more conventional - and we'll just have to see how it goes. The blog will still be, primarily, about the NewAge (rhymes with sewage) Movement, cults and cultish-thinking, Left-wing/Liberal politics, and their extremely detrimental effects on our society, our politics, and our lives.

Oh - but I must say this: if my stats fall radically, you can bet I'll be slapping my random thoughts back up - filled with cuss words and goofy photos - faster than you can say, "This sucks! I miss the old TMR!"

Raising my glass to you - until next time,