Thursday, June 12, 2008

No Justice No Peace

Not too long ago, there was a woman in California setting fires in Starbucks, and other establishments, as a protest against high gas prices. Now this. It looks like we've, once again, slipped the bounds of reason and the mass hysteria of the Jimmy Carter 70's are back. All that's missing is the matching fashion sense.

That said, TMR would like to send a hearty "thank you" to all the anti-Bush protesters, their heads filled with every bit of wrong information known to man, for weakening America's position to the point where events seem to finally be slipping out of our control - and citizens are losing their minds.

I know, I know: you'll deny one thing has anything to with the other (you're so good at denial) - no confronting the fact you were wrong all along - but, as someone who lived (and was already politically aware) through both eras, I call "bullshit" on you. This is your doing. This was always your goal: stop America at all cost - not those that would do us harm.

Well, you got your wish, Losers. How does it feel (since your feelings were always so damned important)? Yea, like the children of the 60's that fucked their parents and, now, have led your dumb ass down the exact same road to social stupidity - again - you were so fucking tough, standing up to those who cared about you, and pledged to protect you. You were such a fucking NewAge rebel. Until the bad guys showed up.

You can't fool me - I'm now your psychic, reading the fucking "signs":

You've been the very definition of a NewAge anti-American tool.

Look hard at the idiot in this video: he's the mirror image of all your confused hopes and dreams.

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