Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bah-Rock Speaks Oh-bonics

"In 2008, common sense is deemed as arcane as a powdered wig.”

-- Bernard Chapin, responding to Barack Obama's statement that he finds Americans "embarrassing" because "all we can say is 'Merci beaucoup,'” in Pajamas Media

Chapin continues:

“The would-be uniter’s venture into self-improvement offends at a multitude of levels. To begin with, it reveals him to be completely ignorant of history because Europe is doomed economically and France in particular: '[their] fiscal freedom and government size scores are extraordinarily weak. As in many other European social democracies, government spending and tax rates are exceptionally high to support an extensive welfare state.'

What embarrasses mightily is that Barack Obama can get this close to becoming president without comprehending that, in the twenty-first century, the French and their language are completely irrelevant."

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