Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Left-Wing's Absorption By Cults (No Escape)

“People have a tendency to react as far as their ideology allows them.”

-- Jon Stewart, in an article about the lack of humor surrounding the Obama cult, in the New York Times

"The edict that you have to belong in order to work for her hasn't yet been formalised, but I suspect it will soon be."

-- Christopher Ciccone, Madonna's brother, on her Kabbalah-emphacized employment arrangements, in The Daily Mail

"Staffers are called educators, and when Chatelaine magazine exposed the company's links to the controversial Landmark Forum, it made a lot of people queasy. Owner Chip Wilson credits his success to the expensive international program, which has been criticized for having a secretive nature, boot camp mentality, and links to a former member of the Church of Scientology. Lululemon managers reportedly must take a three-day Landmark Forum seminar, though the company pays for it."

-- Ann Marie McQueen, writing about the "corporate" practices of Yoga's Lululemon, Inc., for Canada's Ottawa Sun

"According to Goldman’s complaint, three employees of 21st Century Democrats were fired after refusing to attend the Landmark Forum course. The complaint asserts that Landmark Education has “religious characteristics and theological implications” which influenced the mission of 21st Century Democrats and the way the organization conducted business. Goldman’s complaint states that in addition to himself, a training director and field director were also fired after they made it clear they would not attend the Landmark Forum."

-- Large Group Awareness Training Truth, on a cult-inspired lawsuit against the Democrats.

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  1. It is one thing to have these types of controversial Large Group Awareness Training groups out there with all of their history and organizational dysfunctions - it is quite another for companies to force those trainings upon their employees.

    Keep up the great work and keep on writing and informing the public!

    Thanks for the link!