Saturday, December 20, 2008

Because It's So Rare That They Get It Right

"Houston, TX-While attending a reading by psychic Jim Erwin today, Houston fireman Frank Woods was caught by surprise when the clairvoyant began to communicate with a deceased family member. Woods, who had sought out the expertise of Erwin for help resolving a longstanding personal matter, was initially skeptical.

'I don’t know how he did it, but he definitely found Cousin Mabel,' Mr. Woods explains. 'I never believed in this kind of stuff before, but only psychic powers could have revealed that her name started with an A, C, D, G, K, M, P, R, T, or W. And how else could he have know about her lifelong enjoyment of some kinds of food.'

On the subject of his miraculous ability to communicate with the dead, Erwin reveals 'I don’t have any control over this. The spirits come to me and give me whatever message they feel must be passed on to the living. For example, how they might have once lived near a boat, or near a body of water, or something blue, or that they liked water, or to fish, or to eat fish.'"

-- Skepticpedi, getting it just right this time - and earning a place on TMR's blogroll - for the Space City Skeptics.

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  1. I'm honored. Just used two words to say that. See, I'm working on it. I actually was aware of how awkward that was when I wrote it but I was being pestered by residents and published it before good editing.