Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Giving Up The Con (Always Hurts)

"If there is a single, starry-eyed American who does not understand that the price of Bill and Hill on the stump for wet-behind-the-ears Barry O. was the cabinet post where Hill could most brightly shine and most aptly prepare for her own run in 2012 (or 2016), the Guinness Book folks would like to find him.

If Bill and Hillary Clinton are anything, they are perhaps the most astute political minds in the country today. The economic meltdown we are in had a foundation directly traceable to Bill Clinton’s modifications of the Community Reinvestment Act and both Clintons understand well that once an economy as large and diverse as ours spins out of control, there is no way a single president — even a two-term president — can bring it back to its pre-meltdown status.

If anything, I imagine that Hillary Clinton is quite thankful that she is off the hook on the economic disasters that wait like ticking bombs in the disillusioned minds of Obama’s maniacal voters.

Hell truly hath no fury like that awaiting Obama as he fails to eradicate the worries and responsibilities of his delusional followers."

-- Kyle-Anne Shiver, saying what we've known - but not what we're shown - and waiting for it's big debut, on Pajamas Media.

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