Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Get It: Latin America's "The Great Satan"

"This case of brutal crime is macabre even by the often bizarre standards of Venezuela's particularly vicious brand of violence.

An Evangelist preacher, his wife and their four-year-old daughter were all found dead inside their home at San José de Guanipa in El Tigrito, an oil town in Anzoátegui state, east-central Venezuela, last Friday.

Reports reaching Caracas say they'd all been decapitated.

Jean Carlos Salazar, 30, his wife, Ingrid Higuera, 33, and their little girl Karla, had lived in the house for over a year. He was the pastor at the nearby World Center of Peace and had come to be well-known in the district.

Investigators are working on a theory that the multiple slaying was carried out by people from some sort of satanic cult. They say the inside walls of the house had been painted with slogans suggesting such a connection."

-- Jeremy Morgan, proving it's highly unlikely "God is everywhere", for the Latin American Herald Tribune.

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