Friday, December 12, 2008

My Man: NOT A NewAger

He shoots - and he scores:

"I'm not so presumptuous as to, God,..."

Our "simple president" also thinks the Bible is "probably not" true - and evolution is correct - which matches TMR's assumptions about him all along.

This blog will miss George W. Bush.

UPDATE: This blog will not miss the president's critics - with their usual line of silly talking points - each one revealing themselves as this country's true simpletons, who are all pissed as hell but not bothered enough to investigate the truth of the charges they throw around (If the man's so guilty, then why haven't the Democrats - who have had the House and Senate for two long years - gone after him? And I'm an atheist, you assholes, proving you're too dumb to even look that up.) even after 8 years. They're the biggest bunch of NewAge idiots and losers this country has ever produced. The cream of the fucking crop. We should all thank Bush for getting them to finally reveal how lame they are - and how much damage they're willing to cause - in the service of their own stupidity.

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