Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ohio's Top Cop - And Journalists - See Nothing

"Former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann (above) used his campaign account to bankroll home repairs and family vacations, according to a newspaper review of state investigative reports.

The reports are part of a complaint filed last week with the Ohio Elections Commission by state Inspector General Tom Charles. Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner also filed an elections commission complaint against Dann last week alleging misuse of campaign funds.

The Ohio Elections Commission will address both complaints Jan. 22. And state Auditor Mary Taylor plans Monday to release her own investigation into Dann's spending.

Dann resigned in May amid a sexual harassment scandal in his office that included his admission that he had an affair with an employee."

-- The Associated Press, reminding us that corruption from the Democratic Party - because it services individuals and not country - is corruption in it's most shocking form, in The New York Post.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit adds:

"They don’t mention his party affiliation anywhere, but it turns out he’s a Democrat. A.P. should try using Google next time . . . ."

Yea, that would be a novel approach, wouldn't it?

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