Friday, December 12, 2008

Our NewAge Scarface Nation

"I’ve watched it at least 25 times. As many times as the years it’s existed. ...And it’s certainly a troubling movie in that it’s very amoral. A lot of rappers ... young actors and film directors point to it as representing this code of loyalty, but what I would say is, ‘You know, the first thing Tony Montana does to start climbing out of the position that he is in is an act of betrayal.’"

-- Ken Tucker, author of "Scarface Nation: The Ultimate Gangster Movie and How It Changed America," (and editor at large at Entertainment Weekly and a TV and pop music critic who regularly contributes to NPR’s "Fresh Air With Terry Gross.") admitting very few understand one of the greatest gangster movies ever made, in North

I'm posting this to make one point and one point only:

The only person who ultimately succeeds in "Scarface" (in the lizard-brain way NewAgers tend to view life) is Tony Montana's mother, Mama Montana. She's the one person who rejects him, his money, and his lifestyle, but - once everything is done and all the idiots are dead (Scarface, his friends, his sister, etc.) his mother - the only truly honorable person we see in the entire film - goes on to inherit everything we see the oh so "smart" Tony Montana attain:

"Why do you have to hurt everything you touch? Why do you have to destroy everything that comes your way? ¡Malagradecido! ¡Mal hijo! [Ungrateful! Bad son!]"

The anti-NewAge moral:

Being smart enough to be good - to show no "loyalty" to evil - is it's own reward.

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