Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Power Of Now

"When it comes to the 2008 election, Oprah has gone to great lengths to show her impartiality. She had Obama on her show last year and then publicly endorsed him, a first for her. She loaned out her estate to Obama for a big fundraiser. She then refused to have Sarah Palin on the show because she didn’t want it to be 'a platform for any of the candidates.' She followed up by offering to produce Obama’s half-hour primetime informercial the week before the election. (Which, technically speaking, wasn’t using her show as a platform for him.) She went to Grant Park on election night to swoon. And most recently, she complained that Palin hasn’t yet appeared on her show to pay obeisance, even though the election is over and Palin now has Oprah’s permission.

As you can see, O has tried very hard to avoid the appearance that she’s been abusing her hypnotic hold on the housewives of America to help out the man of her dreams."

-- Simon Scowl, right before reporting The Big O is looking at Washington, D.C. homes, which lands her (appropriately) on

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