Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tim Minchin's Anti-NewAge Beat Poem: "Storm"

Or "The Night Tim Met My Ex-Wife," or "Tim Minchin's 'Dinner Of Enlightenment,'" or "If He's Going To Mention Oprah I Wonder If He'll Mention Obama?" or (our favorite:) "Wow: To Think Some Women Are Willingly Destroying Their Marriages, The Lives Of Other Loved Ones, And Society - And Everything Else In Their Path Like Even A Silly Party They'll Blame On Others For Having Disturbed - Because They're So Fucking Arrogant And Narcissistic (And Blindingly Stupid) They Can't Tell The Difference Between Their Oh-So-Cosmic Asshole Of A Brain And The Fact That What Any Quack, Guru, or Spiritual Leader Sells Is Just Another Cultishly Empty-Headed Hole In The Ground - Which Means, Even If They're So-Called 'Homeopathic Doctors,' They're Not Even Half-As-Smart As A Certain Stupid Fucking Drug-Taking Totally-Wigged-Out-By-The-Multiple-Deaths-And-Other-Damage-Done-To-Others-For-A-Whole-Packaged-Nazi-NewAge-Paradigm Musician!"

But then, upon further reflection, we're sure you can come up with a few more snappy titles of your own,...Storm's nice though. Short.

Here's the lyrics for the Frenchies.