Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting A Way To Get Away At The Getaway

"The resort offers a wide range of treatments from massage to colon cleansing, healing carried out by harnessing the consciousness of a dolphin, or 'vortex experiences', in which participants 'experience our human energy system interacting with the earth'."

-- The BBC, describing the latest setting where two more NewAgers have died - and twenty others got sick - trying to do some damn crazy thing, probably while chanting BBC.


  1. It was a two-hour (!) sweat-lodge session. I was on that one yesterday like a fly on you-know-what. Figured you might pick up on this one too.

  2. I guess if you are baking a cake, you have to keep the oven door shut the whole time - 64 people crawling under a tarp together fro two hours, and they only succeded in killing 2? And paying $9000? WTF is that about?

    My paper had an AP photo of the dome - unbelievable. People probably died from inhaling all the farts.

  3. Hey Crack, feel the love!

    P.S. Cosmic Connie's looking good!!!