Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Tortoise (And The Hair Of The Dog)

Sometimes, it seems like this conservative black man's blog is so ahead of the curve it can only appear to be coming up fast behind society. Lookit:

Arguments are good for you - just as I've said, and just as I do.

Nobody likes that sad clown NewAge Julia Roberts movie - and, to emphasize the "macho" meme, it even got trounced by a group of real men.

Macho men earn more money than men who are pussies - probably because they also do manly work.

The Metrosexual is dead, baby - not that they ever seemed very alive, if you know what I mean. (I've never been the walk in the woods type, myself,...mean dancer, though.)

And Mr. "Hit Back Twice As Hard" is now telling his followers "Don't give in to fear" - well, I told him not to fuck with us, but he didn't listen. "It's the end of conservatism!" Yea, right. That's why Bush T-shirts saying "Miss Me Yet?" are outselling Obama's.

Too late now, chumpy:

You should've been down with us "Real Americans" from the beginning - and then your punk ass wouldn't just be down now.

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