Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mormons: It's October - Must Be Time For The Surprise!

Here is an article on these two videos, which ARE real, and what they mean:
Watch with your own eyes the sworn oath, known as the “Law of Consecration,” that US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has raised his arm to the square and vowed to obey, an oath that requires faithful Mormons to consecrate 100% of their current AND FUTURE time, talents and everything they will ever be blessed with, to the Mormon church and it’s goal to achieve a worldwide theocracy headed by Mormons.
This is without a doubt the number one reason why Mitt Romney shouldn’t be President. It is an oath that all Mormons who go through the temple endowment ceremony are required to take. It’s called the “Law of Consecration.” 
Former Mormon Apostle, Bruce R. McConkie, stated that “[t]he law of consecration is that we consecrate our time, our talents, and our money and property to the cause of the Church: such are to be available to the extent they are needed to further the Lord’s interests on earth.” 
No sitting President should ever be under such an obligation to ANY organization, religious or otherwise. Mitt Romney has sworn to obey this oath countless times. 
Probably well over 100 times.
I warned you, and warned you, and warned you, and now we're here: 

 Welcome to The Monkey House,...