Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Accepting Responsibility" Means More Than Voting,...

Yes, Joseph Smith was a con man - and the "church" knows it - but still they soldier on. 

Mitt Romney can admit the whole Mormon "prophets" B.S. is,...well, B.S. - but still they soldier on. 

And even after that Mormons still support Romney for president and claim he's a good and honest man from a good and honest religion.

Meanwhile, American conservatives - who were so upset (as I was) about Obots getting kids to sing the president's praises - are now applying their own cult-like pressure to adults.

Good job, guys. 

Let me try to make a point to you immoral morons:

Here's a recent (but teenie-tiny) story about a cult that's cost a guy his leg trying to "help." 

Here's another recent (but teenie-tiny) story about a cult that's cost a woman her life trying "help."

What I'm trying to say is - no matter what happens to those who participate with them - I haven't found any stories about cults calling it quits (or anyone, but  - unsurprisingly - ex-cultists, who will even call a cult a "cult"). It's just people being hurt or killed - and always behind the scenes - while the cults continue to grow by offering "help"to those unwilling to consider helping themselves in any real-world manner a real person, a normal person, a common sense person, would recognize.

America, is this really the kind of "help" that we need?

Mormonism is an occult-founded-and-based (debased?) cult. For instance, it is part of their doctrine that it's members will get to Heaven by lying for the "church" AKA "Lying For The Lord." Knowing this, I am of the opinion that, right now, America is - pardon my language - "making a deal with the Devil." So, no matter what Romney and his cult say they'll do for us, or eventually do to us - and they've already got us throwing our ethical foundation to the wind as they have their own - unless challenged, he and his cult will continue to grow, only aiming to do us more harm, because we are not one of them.

Yes, I said "more harm," which brings me to "The Devil We Know."

But no, I DON'T mean the president....