Monday, October 1, 2012

ROTFLMAO (Without My Very Own Yoga Mat,...)

Jesus, I am so pissed at the Evil Blogger Lady for getting me into this shit:

There's a whole gang of hilarious yoga/India/Hindu/NewAge videos I haven't seen before, and now I'm fucking hooked!

I don't need this right now, EBL!!!

Let me ask you guys again:

When you know an "astrologer" told The Washington Post's Sally Quinn about yoga, and she talked it over with The New York Times' Maureen Dowd, who then recommended Quinn to television news's David Gregory's (and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's) "teacher" - when this is the state of our nation's "leadership" - how does anyone expect anything to work in this country?

And you somehow think - instead of keeping the insanity going - a Mormon's going to fix this problem?

Folks, we've got A MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM THAN JUST MONEY, and these videos are getting at the crux of it - because not only is this the crap our "movers and shakers" are indulging in, but a prime example of the very reason Americans are blowing so much money!!! If they can't even nonsense when they see it, or understand their motivations for throwing money down this "spiritual" black hole - even under the bogus disguise of "exercise" - then how is a Joseph Smith-following, Jesus-is-coming-back-to-Missouri-loving, Pat Robertson-looking, believer in cold fusion going to help us?

And the worst part is, some of you actually think there's a difference between Mormonism and this! Earth to America! Earth to America - listen up:

 It's ALL madness!

Look, pray to your god - whether he's got an elephant head or not - but just be sure you're praying they can get you over whatever the effects of self-delusion are, and as fast as humanly possible:

This is the fucking day!