Saturday, September 14, 2013

Riding The Wave: Can Rad Republicans Ever Get Real?

Along with the admonition that "Republicans would be well-served by not simply dismissing Democratic attacks on the party and its representatives as being bigoted" (to those of you who know better: Don't take the bait) this is some good advice going forward:
“Voters are souring on Democrats as it becomes obvious that they are unable to govern. Republicans are benefiting from the electorate’s disillusionment, but they would be mistaken to see this shift as a reward for their own efforts. Democrats are losing the public trust, but Republicans have not yet earned it. Now they must demonstrate for voters why the GOP can once again be trusted with the reins of government.”

You guys can start with me - at any time - you know, as a sorta "test case" (and to those of you who know better: Don't take the bait)....

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