Monday, September 9, 2013

The Only Way Most Conservatives Make Sense Is When I Remember Just How Much They Love That Baby Jesus

Listen Folks, rest assured, I'm a conservative who reads everything - left/right and center - but that still doesn't mean my mouth's not regularly falling open, gasping for air:
In politics as in other walks of life, events often occur that seem in advance "hard to believe." Until approximately five years ago, we found it hard to believe America would ever elect a president as left-wing as Barack Obama. Given his record in office, we also found it hard to believe that he would be re-elected,...The latter one we didn't believe until the night we learned it had happened.

Wow - talk about placing your beliefs over reality. There's really no reason to consult these guys on politics when they're that far gone. Listen up, Kids, for the last time:


Whether you dislike him or not, even Barack Obama wasn't THIS bad,...