Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Throw Your Hands In The Air And Wave 'Em Like You Just Don't Care" Can Be Deep If You Think About It

I'm having a hard time today. Don't really care to write about it. But I did run across this article on race that reflects some of my own ambivalence on the subject, while backing me up on a point I've insisted my fellow conservatives should accommodate their thinking to accepting:
"Slavery is an important part of any black person's history,..."
I'll try to blog later, if things change,...


  1. You could be honest about it.

    You took that line out of context--in fact, you didn't even finish the line. You left out the part where he says dwelling on slavery is pathetic.

    "I might have to turn in my black card, because I don't care much about slavery. I've already watched the television series Roots, which I feel covered the subject matter extremely well. Of course, I understand slavery is an important part of any black person's history, but dwelling on slavery is pathetic. It ended in North America over 100 years ago, yet since Django Unchained made over $400m last year, more slavery movies emerge."

  2. And btw, I'm sorry you're feeling rough today. Hope things get better for you.

  3. I think you're great, but throwing the bullshit flag on this one. WTF does slavery have to do with a half-white, half-African dude, who grew up in Hawaii, and went to exclusive private schools for his entire life, whatever his melanin? Maybe slavery in Mauritanian has an impact on his story, but this is one cat who never caught a whiff of Jim Crow. Fuck! I'm more black than that guy, and I'm Irish clear.