Tuesday, June 9, 2015

American Whites: What Are We Going To Do With You?

"It's my party, whites can lie if they want to, lie if they want to, lie if they want to,..."

It starts not with the heckling, or even the unwarranted violence - blacks expect abuse in America - but the lying: The fact whites still make us sift the ashes of every incident, to find what "spin" they will put on their actions, for justification they know they don't have - because, otherwise, they wouldn't have to lie:
"Tatiana Rose, who hosted the community pool party with her siblings, says that the weekend confrontation was sparked by angry white neighbors. Rose, who is 19, took to YouTube to tell her side of the story.

Rose says the cookout at the Craig Ranch housing community was a public event she and her sisters held for their young friends from the neighborhood. Unfortunately, a group of white neighbors from Craig Ranch began cursing at the party attendees, telling them to 'return to their Section 8 housing' and hurling racial slurs at the children.

The leader of the angry group, identified as a mother named Kate, began cursing at Roses’s young white friend, presumably for associating with black people. “So then they started verbally abusing her, saying that she needs to do better for herself, cursing at her, and I’m saying, no that’s wrong; she’s 14, you should not say things like that to a 14-year-old,” said Rose.

Rose says that’s when Kate walked up to her and smacked her in the face,..."
Considering the history of this place - and in racist-assed Texas, especially - there's never been justification for white's behavior towards children. And oh:

How's that other white lie - about all of our racial problems being over - been working out for y'all? You look like real geniuses, now, after claiming THAT shit,...

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