Friday, June 5, 2015

I Say It And Wait: A Nigga's Always Ahead Of Our Time

We don't call it "unfinished business" because it's finished

I can't be bothered with what white Americans - who, after 400 years, still can't grasp that blacks are people facing massive, life-threatening, injustices - "think" about what I write and say. They thought we were animals, and even furniture, and still call us "savages," so why should their thought process - if it can even be called that - change my mind? Because some of them are feminists? Please. They ain't black feminists, because black feminists "get it," and ain't joined the whites in their bullshit:
Give 'em time, Baby: These lame brains may not understand, but - as always - they'll be forced to cope with us, eventually, because this is about FREEDOM, and we are the "Real Americans," so no matter how long it takes THEM, we don't stop, and we won't stop, and we can't stop, BECAUSE WE CAN'T BE STOPPED,...

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