Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Rollercoaster That's Become The Republican Party Is About To Come In, Stop, And Start Emptying It's Cars

The Right will die for it's insincerity regarding the betrayal of blacks and the Republican name

The more I read of slavery, the more one thing becomes clear: Just as capitalism drove slavery, it was conservatism that protected it - and contemporary conservatives are lying about that fact, hiding behind the storied Republican label for cover. Ted Cruz and his ilk have absolutely nothing to do with the brave and moral people involved in the abolitionist movement, and, to this day, they still spout the bogus religion and "state's rights" arguments of the slavers - not to mention maintaining the same culture of arrogance, and general disdain for others, needed to abuse people for money over a lifetime. Read your history and don't be fooled:

The Republican Party was great, but it's current officeholders (and most of their supporters) are anything but,...

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