Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nice (Acid House)

If only America hasn't been so damned nice,...

This is a photo of Jimmy Brock, the manager of St. Augustine, Florida's former Monson Motor Lodge, pouring acid in the water as black people swam, in 1964. Martin Luther King, Jr. had been previously arrested for trespassing in it's segregated restaurant. “Jimmy kind of caught the brunt of it. He was a nice guy.” said Eddy Mussallem, a longtime friend and someone who knows nice - according to white American standards.

TMR thinks we can almost predict the behavior of "nice" white Americans, even today, by how each state felt about slavery. Florida, seen here, was a major slave state, so major niceness. Texas - where a nice police officer just resigned for threatening evil black children - it was one of the nicest slave states in the union, just ask Mexico. 

So, see? Try studying American slavery, then and now, and you, too, can discover how this place really works:

I swear, you'll find some of the nicest stories you will ever hear in your life,...

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