Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bikram: Yoga Is "Brainwashing" (Hold Still For It)

This is no place for independent thinkers.

"The whole class is one big brainwashing session—washing out bad habits and old patterns that keep you from experiencing mental peace, happiness and a satisfaction in living," [Bikram] Choudhury wrote in his latest book, "Bikram Yoga" (Collins, $24.95).

Choices, are, after all, what get us in trouble, Choudhury often says. When people have choices, they get spoiled or take the wrong road. When you have no choice—like when your Bikram instructor tells you to do something—the only way is obviously the right way.

"America's biggest problem is too much freedom,” he said, said during a brief stop last week at one of his franchised studios in Chicago, Bikram Yoga in the City. “It’s like putting a loaded gun in a child’s hand. Yoga only works one way."

-- Julie Deardorff, being told - to her face - a broad outline of yoga as a very-un-American mind control cult ("When you have no choice"?) and ignoring it because of the positive "spin" he surrounds it with, for the Chicago Tribune.