Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Barack Obama Bad Art Poetry Challenge

“funky, is
“leaky, is
“a soggy, bloody crotch, is
“sharp jets of breast milk shot straight across the room,
“is gaudy, mustard-colored poop, is
“postpartum tears that soak the baby’s lovely head."

Another passage:

“Shockingly vital, mammoth giblet,
“the second living thing to break free
“of my body in fifteen minutes.
“The midwife presents it on a platter.
“We do not eat, have no Tupperware
“to take it home and sanctify a tree."

-- "Maine-Woman", giving us a sample of Elizabeth Alexander's "poetry", because Maine-Woman is confused by Alexander as Barack Obama's choice to read on election day - which also reveals that Maine-Woman has obviously never read any of Barack Obama's poetry - because, if she had, she'd really be screaming Conservative Women Unite!.


  1. Other than my admitted emotional urge to superglue a magnet to her forehead and stick her to her own refrigerator, I am completely and utterly impressed that someone could work the word Tupperware into (alleged) poetry. Damn