Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bwwwaaa-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha: The Geniuses Finally Start To Figure It Out Before Christmas (They're Ignorant Numbskulls Lost In Their Sea Of Bias)

From Joe Scarborough of all people,....I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. And Mike Barnicle, openly saying (like the NewAger I've always said they are) he uses "Instinct" to be informed (and tell us) about Barack Obama? ROTFLMAO!!!! I'd love to hear from Obama supporters now - about how uninformed and biased I've been - after this.

Shit, it almost doesn't get any better than this - except The Lightworker hasn't even taken office yet - so his light "show" (the sparks that fly off of him as difficult questions penetrate his aura) should be just warming up. The Daily Show will even be in the cross-hairs by then, as well, so this could be a twofer or more:

Yes Sireee, I'm actually starting to like the idea of having Democrats in charge,...throwing rocks at idiots is more fun than I thought!!!

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